St. Josephs RC Primary School exists to provide our pupils with a high quality education in a safe, happy and consistent environment.

The interests of the pupils are our highest priority and we want all our pupils to have the best possible opportunities to achieve as much as they can.


Mrs R Whyte             Headteacher / Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs J Moodie            Deputy Headteacher / Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs A Dybell             Reception Teacher / Early Years Lead  / Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs G. Bell                 Nursery Teacher

Mrs M Bradshaw       Year 1 Teacher

Mrs K Ross                 Year 2 Teacher / Phase 1 Lead

Mrs McGough            Year 3 Teacher

Mrs G Linley               Year 4 Teacher

Mr C Scrimshaw         Year 5 Teacher

Mrs C Francis              Year 6 Teacher / SENCO


Mrs A Conway  -  Mrs M Daniel  -  Mrs L Farrow  -  Miss L Kirby  -  Ms M Long  -  Mrs J McCabe  -

Mrs A Smith  -      Mrs E Turner  -  Mrs G Wharton  -  Miss J Wharton

CARETAKER -  Mr P Conway

OFFICE STAFF - Mrs J Morgan  -  Mrs C Swainston

COOK - Mrs M McNulty


Miss M Clowes  -  Mrs L Harrison  -  Miss G Johnson  -  Mrs C Lamb  -  Mrs C Pickering


Mrs A Preston  -  Mrs J Stockton  -  Mrs L Warren